About us

Pondicherry has a small Punjabi speaking community which is scattered across the town. Most of the people are professionals who came here in connection with their profession but decided to stay back in this unique cosmopolitan state. In 1995 the idea of starting a spiritual & social organisation was mooted by our members so that some spiritual and social activities can be undertaken regularly. Slowly the community started getting together and commenced the weekly Sukhmani Saheb prayers in individual houses of the members. This was the birth of Pondicherry Sri Sukhmani Saheb Sabha.

Since there was no Gurudwara in Pondicherry the medical professionals associated with JIPMER institute arranged for the venue in the JIPMER community hall for the first Guru Nanak Birth celebration (Gurupurab) function in 1996. The Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurupurab started with the attendance of 100 devotees in 1996 and now the function is attended by more than 500 devotees from Pondicherry as well as the large Punjabi population living in Chennai who have always been very supportive and
participate in all functions. Until now all the annual functions were regularly held in the JIPMER community hall..gdl-page-content h1